Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy first birthday to my blog!

I can not believe it's already been one year passed and that my blog filled the first year. This year was magical and full of beautiful and amazing things.

I'm proud of what I did this year. I worked a lot, but even more had a fun doing something I love.
I met many incredible people, received a lot of e-mails, messages and calls from my followers, friends and family. I realize many of cooperation and get many friends.

Thank you to every each one of you who has given me support and who has been my follower from the beginning.

This is my little place where I share my oppinions, happiness my life and everything I love.

I hoppe you will stay with me for a long time because we have so many more years for blogging. ;).

Thanks a lot to everyone.  I love you all.

Follow me on my social media ;).

xoxo Mirela