Saturday, 11 March 2017


This weekend I visited Umoljani, a small village with a beautiful landscape. The village, which is located behind the mountain of Bjelasnica. My nose who loves sniffing around :D, and my need to try to catch the moment, who will speak more than a thousand words are my guides :D. The perfect landscape, perfect air and tradocional food on this place will bring you to  the positive views and attitude. In those places  you  can not  remove your smile from your face;), definitely.
This small village is located at an elevation of 1,300 m and you can see there at this time of year  how the snow melts and how flowers blooms.
There are two stories of this little village haw its got his name. Given that I love, stories, traditions, legends those stories fascinated me. According to that the first one is that the Cattlemen Humljani, Herzegovina came for summer with cattle for a grazing and some  of them stay live permanently there. The second  one story or more legend  is that the dragon came out of the canyon Rakitnice, which is 3 km away from the village and went intent to devour people. When they noticed  that the dragon will eat all of them them they began to pray, and entreated that the dragon is petrified. Legende says, now at this point you can see the shape petrified of this monster. River you see on the picture is  where Red Bull made his famous advertising taking advantage of this beautiful river for that sport Wakeskate, water sport, which is, in principle, skiing, snowboarding and surfing in one, according to legend, is the dragon's tail (Studeni podok). Legend says, when the dragon passed trought here his tail made this river, which is still located in this beautiful landscape. Walking through those place you will come across the remains of medieval tombstones, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They are characterized by rich ornamentation and records, epitaphs, who speak about specific time of life and death. They appear in the second half of the 12th century. Some of the inscriptions on the tombstones: " I'm not afraid of wolves, but the people.", "If it was up to the wolves this landmark would forever survived. " etc.
Of course, here does not end the way you visit, if you go further, to a higher altitude, you will reach the village names Lukomir, which is again the other hand exudes  of history and tradition, but about this in one other post, of course.


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